Term 2 Online Classes Information

We are excited to present our Term 2 Timetable complete with some additional changes to the studio for Term 2 as we all navigate through Covid-19 and its effects on our dance families.


Why it’s important to keep dancing


There are many reasons why we believe you should try and keep up your dance studies during these tough times: 

  • Dance is an excellent form of exercise and exercise helps to keep our brain happy and healthy as well. 

  • Live classes gives us the chance to connect with teachers and friends. 

  • We are able to maintain our technique and memory of steps we have worked hard learning as well as progressing onto news things. 

  • Dance is a great form of stress release and it is something to look forward to and help distract us during these monotonous weeks. 

  • To create, move, extend ourselves and have fun, that is why we dance!


Moving forward in Term 2 we are able to provide the following to our dance community:

Live Zoom Classes 


The advantages of continuing with our online dance classes:

  • Excellent way for students to get to interact with friends and teachers. 

  • Gives them real time feedback on their technique

  • Keeps them operating on a schedule. 

  • Continuing to work on our syllabus work from RAD ballet, Acrobatic Arts, Babyballet & Glenwood Tap. 

  • Students continue to learn and improve as well as working on retention of all exercises learnt in term 1. 

  • Teachers are able to adapt steps if there are space issues or flooring issues so that no one misses out.

Pre-recorded Classes


While the live classes have worked really well for our students in our trial period at the end of Term 1, we are aware that many of our Dance family has limited reception at their home dwellings and thus a pre-recorded video can be a better option for those student allowing them to:

  • Watch at any time and as many times as they like - allowing the dancer to be in the best frame of mind for dancing.

  • Ability to pause and take more time to attempt the step if needed

  • Transfer the recording to a portable device to move to a bigger practice area if the computer area was not sufficient.

  • Ability to download anywhere through our dedicated PPAC Team App


Supplementary Items

To assist the students maintain focus and keep them constantly progressing. The studio will be providing the following to all students who do 2 or more classes:

  • Body Conditioning Class held on Saturdays to assist student maintain technique, strength, flexibility and fitness during Term 2

  • Master Classes with some Industry Professionals

  • Worksheets

  • Along with the live class, students will also be able to access a video of an exercise of the week taught and performed by their teacher for extra practice.  


What's New for Term 2 


We welcome our new Rise & Shine Fitness Work Out for the whole family on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays:

  • Great way to keep fit 

  • Workout as a family - Parents and other siblings can join in  (Cost only associated per family - If you are already on an unlimited package IT'S FREE :)


Term 2 Pricing Structure


 We understand that many families are doing it tough and have decided that All classes for Junior, Intermediate, Pre Senior & Senior Students will be of 40 min duration with a new pricing scheme: 

  • 1 x 40min Online Class $14.00 per week

  • 2 x 40min Online Class Including additional access to all Pre-Recorded Classes, Worksheets and Master Classes for $26.00 per week - Plus FREE Body Conditioning Class

  • 3 x 40min Online Class Including additional access to all Pre-Recorded Classes, Worksheets and Master Classes for $36.00 per week  - Plus FREE Body Conditioning Class

  • 4 x 40min Online Classes Including additional access to all Pre-Recorded Classes, Worksheets and Master Classes for $44.00 per week  - Plus FREE Body Conditioning Class

  • Unlimited Class Package Including additional access to all Pre-Recorded Classes, Worksheets and Master Classes for $50.00 per week  - Plus FREE Body Conditioning Class


For All BabyBallet, Baby Stars & Rise & Shine fitness student/families class duration will be 30mins with a new pricing scheme:

  • 1 x 30min Online Class $12.00 per week

  • 2 x 30min Online Class Including additional access to all Pre-Recorded Classes & Worksheets for $22.00 per week  - Plus FREE Body Conditioning Class

  • Unlimited Class Online Package Including additional access to all Pre-Recorded Classes & Worksheets $30.00 per week  - Plus FREE Body Conditioning Class​


We have put in place the following strategies to assist our dance families cope during the Covid-19:

  • Invoicing 5 weeks at a time to assist families budget

  • New payment options via paypal. If you would prefer to pay via paypal please contact us to organise. Please note- additional paypal transaction fees will apply.

  • Late Fee waived for Term 2 2020 to allow you to pay weekly (instead of all at once) to help with your family budgeting.

How Can I Access the Classes?

By enrolling online in all live classes and videos that you wish to access. Once enrolled, you simply sign into your Team App Login where you will find all the relevant links to live classes and videos. Please note everyone must enrol in these Term 2 classes to access them, including all previous Parker's Performing Arts Centre Dance members.


Team App Information - Just a reminder you can access the Team App via your computer, phone or tablet!





























How to create a Zoom Account:

  1. Please got the https://zoom.us/ and set up an account. It will be free - you DO NOT need to upgrade to a paid account at anytime. 

  2. We will upload pre recorded. Please note you must have a working webcam/camera so that you can be viewed by your Class Teacher and get feedback when required. A phone with a camera, ipad/tablet, laptop or Computer should all be capable of this option. If you have any further questions please let me know.  

  3. We will send you the class Links via the Team App to avoid clogging up your emails (I know you love us but understand most of you are working from home and eccessive emails could cause difficulty for work productivity)


Whilst I always try to email out the important information for speedy updates keep upto date and see reminders on our Facebook or Instagram. Join us at:










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